Blingo Online Payment Solutions

Whether you’re sending money, shopping on-line, making in-game purchases or working on currency markets, BLINGO has your back.

If you operate a major eCommerce or eBusiness site, the ability to process payments digitally is a key piece of functionality. Your website, or app, should be able to smoothly transfer financial information to your backend.

Whether you are looking for PayPal integration, or the ability to gather credit card information directly on your site, we can help build a solution for you. Our team has extensive experience developing payment services for clients in the financial services industry. We can provide solutions for B2C or B2B applications at any scale.


Full Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your website, web or mobile application, or a third-party payment service.


Simplified experience

Store all your payment information locally. Collect data right on your site, or in your application.


Scalable Usage

Supports large or growing clients with high volume usage, such as banks or billing companies.


Cryptocurrency payments

As leading edge in Blockchain Technologies, we also implement Cryptocurrency payments using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, EOS, Ripple, Stellar, and other altcoins; as well as all the traditional credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.



About CCS

CCS is a next generation electronic payment and technology provider. We offer the most reliable and resilient platform to businesses to collect and process payments securely while aiming to provide lower pricing than our competitors with outstanding support and customer services.


It is CCS’s mission to help our clients grow their business on-line by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that will make them competitive in the E-Commerce landscape.


  • Clover Smart Terminals

  • Direct API

  • Recurring Billing

  • Virtual Terminal

  • Shopping Cart

  • Custom Payment Solutions

  • Seamless Integration

  • Mobile Payments

Our Partners

At ISU Corp, we have formed strong partnerships with key leading solutions and technology specialists to add value and provide you with innovative solutions to the complex challenges faced by your business.

Our team consists of talented coders that are payment solutions experts. We have experience customizing applications to suit your payment business needs. Through the many years we've been in this business, we have helped companies reach maximum potential through our payment integration services.