The Three Causes of Failure


In our last blog, we mentioned that one reason most people seldom accumulate fortunes until they have passed their 40’s is that they must undergo failures, adversities and overcome sufficient obstacles to develop sufficient knowledge to accumulate wealth. 

You must have seen those infomercials that claim that by buying their product it will make you an instant millionaire within a short period of time. Maybe you’ve even bought a book that promised to change your life overnight or attend a seminar to learn how to become financially independent in no time. The world is filled with get rich quick narratives.

Unfortunately, these narratives rarely tell us that success is seldom easy.  The fact is that we have to face challenges, obstacles and unexpected circumstances.

The question we have to ask ourselves is not “will there be tough times” but rather “when will they arrive?”

For many, the first sign of difficulties can be enough for them to become discouraged and stop doing what they intend to reach. While others, find the determination to discover another way and prevail. Instead of giving up they look for the opportunity within the challenge.

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How to Not Let Fear Stop You


Everyone has the power to be successful, but what usually stops people from reaching their maximum potential is fear. People are scared because they don’t want to fail, so how do you face fear?

1.  Make sure your personal development and expansion is never stopped.

Let the sensation of success be greater then any fear you might have. When you continue to improve yourself you will notice the fear of the unknown gets drowned out… it will still be there, but it will get much smaller because it won’t be your main focus.

2. Be in control of your own thoughts.

Don’t let anyone’s opinion fill your mind with doubt and fear. Also try not to focus on the mainstream media; they often try to make people feel insecure for their own gain. Make sure your thoughts are based on courage and faith.

3. Direct your thoughts on your main purpose and on living a fulfilling life.

Fear is a state of mind and you will attract what you focus on, so always focus on what you want to occur. A way to help your thoughts focus is to right down your goals so you can give your self a deadline and stay accountable, this will keep you in control and motivate you to become the best you can be. It will also not let fear stop you from becoming the person you've always wanted to become.


How to Work Smart While Travelling


There are millions of obstacles when you're trying to work while travelling, but you shouldn't let that stop you. Seeing different parts can open up an entire world of possibilities and break the dull everyday routine that you are currently use too. Not everyone will get the chance to travel while still working productively, but thanks to the web, it has allowed for some amazing tools that are making it a lot easier to manage.

I've had the opportunity to travel to a lot of various places for trade-shows and other meetings, while still being expected to do all my daily tasks. At first it was hard to find a balance and with all the complications, I was getting overwhelmed but the more I did it the better I got. Here are some of the tips that will make your life a lot easier without having to learn from trial and error like I did.

1.) Find Reliable Internet Access

This is one of the most important on the list! It is not enough to just have Internet, it has to be reliable. Try to find great internet at the hotel your staying at, it will make your life a lot easier and dig deep, go online and read reviews to see what people say about the internet. If their isn't any, call and ask the manager of the hotel about the reliability, tell them it is real important to you and they will be honest. Remember reliability is more important then speed, although you still need it fast enough to be productive.

2.) Plan Out Your Schedule in Full Detail

Before leaving, plan out your priorities for that entire week based on importance. Plan out how you are going to schedule your day to be productive, and enjoy the new location. Remember it is all about working smart! Set goals each day on what important tasks you want to accomplish, and stick to it.

3.) Work Extra Before Leaving

If you know you have something due mid week next week while your travelling, try to finish it that weekend or work over time during the week before you leave. The more you get out of the way before you go on the trip, the more relaxed you will be and the easier it will be to manage. This one has helped me have a lot more free time during my trips.

4.) Use a Business Collaboration Tool

It is really beneficial to have a business portal where you can access all your projects/tasks and have real time updates on what is going on within your organization. This has saved me a lot of time and struggles. Being able to access all the projects that have been assigned to me with all the related files in the same place, through anywhere there is internet... is amazing.

5.) Get Use to Improvising

The main reason your learning all this is because you want to get out of the same old schedule and have amazing experiences, so improvising is going to have to become your friend! Nothing usually works out 100% like you intend it to but learn to go with it and improvise, some people get nervous or filled with fear (Read my last blog post to help with overcoming fear...) but instead you should be excited and passionate, unpredictability is an awesome part of life, you never know who you will meet, what places you'll go or what situation you'll get into. The more you focus on the positivity within each situation, the better it'll go for you.

If you incorporate all this in your next travel/work experience I can guarantee it will be a lot easier for you to manage and enjoy the trip. One last thing; don't have expectations, go to the location with a blank mind and an open heart to truly enjoy the experience, no matter what happens.

Happy travelling!

Motivate Your Team Using the Chase


Remember, it seriously is all about the chase

When it comes down to happiness and energy, don’t think you have to provide a constant slew of rewards for a job well done. Sometimes, the real reward really is in the journey.

We get a bigger thrill from the chase than from the capture. The very act of chasing, seeking, or pursuing the wild boar motivates us much more powerfully than cooking and eating it.

You get a thrill out of pursuing or seeking a goal, but once you achieve it, it doesn’t seem so attractive. What does this mean for the team leader? First, you should bear in mind the extreme pleasure people derive from activating their seeking emotional system

when a stimulus arouses our seeking system, it activates our frontal neocortex, prompting us to work out innovative strategies and solutions.

What does this mean for you as a team leader? It’s an easier solution than you might think. It means use novelty to motivate.

It also means it’s about new chases!

Now this is the cool part: when a stimulus arouses our seeking system, it activates our frontal neocortex, prompting us to work out innovative strategies and solutions. Logic doesn’t make us do that; emotions do. The brain’s neocortex, the source of our human analytical intellect, serves our emotions, not vice versa. A team that embarks on an exciting new journey not only feels strongly motivated to succeed but also works smarter. When our seeking system comes to the party, we feel as though we can accomplish anything. Negativity evaporates; fear takes a vacation. We feel confident we can conquer the world.

A fairly easy way to create novelty within your team is to switch up their responsibilities.

If I took charge of a team working at a warehouse, I’d try to keep people fresh by periodically shifting their responsibilities. I’d transfer Jeff from driving a forklift to running the shipping/receiving desk and move shipment expediter Martin into that slot. The change of scenery and routine will spark a little more energy. Yes, each much learn a new role, but learning itself fulfills the appetite for seeking novelty, and the extra enthusiasm sparked by doing something new should more than make up for any loss of productivity caused by traveling the learning curve and getting up to speed in a new job.

Another thing you can do is give people opportunities to get involved in improving company processes. This is a good idea if you don’t feel like there’s a huge amount of variation in roles and it still gives them an opportunity to do new and different work.

5 Ways Custom Software Development Benefits Your Business


What happens when a generic, one-size-fits all program is used for a business? Well, with every business having different needs, it doesn’t work nearly as well as it would if custom software development were used instead. Every business has it’s own unique needs and problems, and making a solution to your specific problems is the best way to overcome them and better the efficiency and productivity of your business.

There are five key benefits that come with utilizing custom software development:

  1. Custom design

Having the software created for your sole use is the equivalent to getting a suit made to fit your body perfectly. It can cover every necessity that it needs, and if there is an issue with it, it can be solved and improved right away.

  1. Low-cost

Having a custom software could seem like it is more costly than your average product, but the long term investment is invaluable. Plus, the fees for licensing and use of a product anyone can use may very well pass the price of a custom software. Why not have your very own software that does exactly what you need it to do?

  1. Upkeep

You can ensure that your software be maintained for however long you need. With a generic software, you don’t have the control to decide whether or not something needs fixing or updating. That is completely up to the software developer that is supplying the application to you.

  1. Integration

Businesses can have a software that integrates with other applications to create the most useful and efficient program possible. This is a giant benefit to having custom software.

  1. Support

A business can rest easy knowing that they have access to the team that made their software, and that any problems can be fixed quickly and efficiently because of this direct communication.

These are just five general benefits that come with custom software development, but the specific benefits it possibly has for your business could be countless.