ISU Corp Client Testimonials 

We hired ISU Corp to develop our Laboratory Management Information System (LIMS). They have been able to produce in 4 months what we could not do in almost two years. We are very pleased with ISU Corp’s performance, project management style and business culture.
— Andrew Masters (Vice President, Science and Systems Development, Labstat)

I demoed the site to my Program Manager and he accessed it from his iPhone…  He likes the look! It works everywhere. The HTML 5 implementation was fantastic.
It is always a pleasure working with you!
— Jack Kirby (Senior Lead Systems Engineer, GE Energy)

We hired ISU Corp to take over our entire Software Development efforts for our software product, it’s been almost five years now and I am happy to say it has been the best business and technical decision we’ve made.
— Wayne Lipkus (President, M.O.S.T)

This is the most important investment we have made in this product for years. Really appreciate you steering this for us.
We continue working with ISU, as their work ethic and efficiency save us time and money consistently. They know what it takes to do back to back software development; they even created our new tablet app which is completely responsive to any device.
— Jennifer Richardson (General Manager, Linkage)

I must say that I am very impressed with how quickly things have been progressing the last couple of weeks. I really feel like we are making good progress. I want to thank you and your team for all the great efforts you have put towards this project recently. Keep up the excellent work!
— Phil Grant (Accurate Fasteners LTD)