ISU Corp Online Payment Systems and E-Commerce

When it comes to payments, customers like comfort and advantages of using cards, digital wallets and alike, and they tend to do more online purchases than ever before. If we add to that the convenience, larger selection, and often a better price they can enjoy through digital channels, we can anticipate an ongoing growth of online shoppers.

Besides, when you use a well-regarded and effective service platform, and advertise this fact to your customers, they will feel more secure and will tend to trust your organization with their sensitive information.

ISU Corp Online Payment Systems and E-Commerce solutions allows you to provide many different types of payment options for your customers; whether it is through their debit card, credit card, PayPal account, direct check, direct deposit or other.


Supported Integration

Integrate flawlessly with your website, web or mobile app, or a third-party payment service.


Simplicity and Security as a Culture

Our sophisticated, regularly updated security controls protect your customer’s financial data.


Scale as You Grow

Support large or growing clients with high volume usage, such as banks or billing companies.

a Service You Can Rely On

With 99.9% uptime, our API is available for your business to initiate transfers at virtually anytime.