Web/Mobile Development

Web/Mobile applications offer businesses a winning opportunity to reach new customers, serve existing clients and increase market visibility. 
To make the best first impression, businesses should rely on a trusted provider of cross platform development to ensure a smooth product launch and a high level of customer satisfaction.
We set the bar for standards in app engineering, product quality and deliverability by managing the software development life cycle with our own in-house project management software, IS Unified.


Development Team Outsourcing

Many of our clients decide to completely outsource their entire development team to us. The main reason is because they quickly realize that our capacity to deliver their projects and priorities is much faster, efficient and cost effective than doing it in-house. Let ISU Corp handle all your software development needs, so you can focus completely on growing your business.  


Cloud Application Hosting

Over the years as we've written software applications for our clients, we have always provided cloud based development and testing environments. As a result of the exeptional services found on our QAT environments, our clients started asking to manage their cloud based production environments as well. We can provide application management in the following platforms Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud.


What we can do for you is what we do best

  • Enterprise software architecture

  • Mobile - Web application development

  • Enterprise open source development

  • Microsoft enterprise app development

  • UI design and interface optimization

  • Data driven analytical solutions

  • Business analysis and work flow design