Build Your Own Online Empire


By David Mansilla

When in Rome, don’t do as Romans have already done!

In a world where things have been copied and re-copied to infinity and beyond, it’s hard to find originality and authenticity. 

There are loads of content available to anyone online, but some – in fact, a good chunk of it – isn’t high-quality content. The web is flooded with ridiculous things, such as memes and other questionable content hidden in the dustiest corners of the Internet. Keep in mind that even those things have plenty of followers.

This, however, can be seen as an opportunity. If you are producing valuable content, whilst being your true authentic self, then people will seek it out. Gary Vaynerchuck, author of Crush it! backs this up: “Quality is a tremendous filter. Cream always rises […] no matter how many cups of coffee you pour” (pg. 32).  By building your own personal brand –something the online public eye can see and recognize as ‘you’– you can begin building your empire of followers. The key is authenticity.

No one wants to follow another Ray William Johnson because there is already one putting out the valuable content people want to see.

You’ve got to create your own brand, using what is different to anyone else: your personality! Every crook and fissure of your brain is different to someone else's. Use your personal brand to voice your thoughts and opinions. You can use this to make connections with people faster and easier than ever before, so use it to your advantage and begin creating content that people are thirsty to see.


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