The Secret to Unlocking Innovation


Innovation brings success. Apple is the most successful example of innovation but there are many other companies which have been successful thanks to innovation.

The question is: what are the keys to innovation?

1. Have confidence in your abilities

More specific than having faith in yourself, it is vital to know unequivocally what you can bring to the table, and what you cannot. Know your strength, know your craft, whatever it may be, and hone it to the highest level possible.

Be an expert at what you love to do and make no apologies for your greatness. However, having confidence is not to be confused with arrogance. Know the difference.

Be the best, offer the best, be different than any competition.


2. Don’t be a fool, keep it simple

Great innovations make our world more efficient.  They are able to see a problem, simplify the problem to provide a simple and practical solution.

When solving a problem, ask yourself, “what process, service or product in our world is too complex, inefficient or poorly conceived.  How can I make it better, by keeping it simple?

This process takes discipline, it takes will, knowledge, research, time and focus – only thru these process will you be able to Innovate.

Moderation is the ultimate exercise of willpower.


3. Create the need.

In order to truly innovate, you must identify a need that is not currently met and fulfill it creatively.

Wherever there is a need, there is an opportunity for improvement. Innovators are able to think beyond traditional models and execute their vision!



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