How to Find Meaning As a Manager


Nothing is more important than achieving meaning in your life.

Meaning derives from achievement, from creating something or performing a task or deed that comes from your own self and talent.

Money and entertainment are only substitutes; and as much as we might think it creates happiness, it doesn’t.  Happiness is a by-product of leading a life with meaning.

Anything you are good at contributes to happiness.

As a Manager, in order to give meaning to your life you have to make the most of your inner potential – your contribution to the organization is what will provide you with meaning within that organization.

In today’s business world, Businesses require Managers who make the most of what is unique within them. It requires Managers who seek meaning in their work. It’s only when you “do your own thing” in a disciplined and creative way that meaning becomes reality.

The 80/20 principle relates to Meaning in the sense that a small minority are the ones who possess a higher individual imagination, creativity, personality and unique skills. One particularly talented executive can have hundreds of times more impact than another.

Everything in business is a commodity:  money, hard work, loyalty, degrees, etc. Everything in general is a commodity except individual inspiration and innovation.

In order to find meaning as a Manager:

  • The field in which you work must turn you on
  • The job must give you new and rewarding knowledge
  • The job must allow you to perform you true potential
  • The firm must inspire you rather than rule you
  • Mutual like of your colleagues and bosses
  • The firm must be going places