Impression Management, the Emotional Side of Leadership


Influence is part of your Social Skills- a component of your Social Competence.

While Social Skills, in general, is related to your adeptness at inducing desirable responses in others -Influence relates to your ability to wield effective tactics for persuasion.

People who have this competence usually:

  •     Are skilled at winning people over.
  •     Fine-tune presentations to win people over.
  •     Anticipate their audience reaction to a message
  •     Use complex strategies like indirect influence to build consensus and support
  •     Manage events to effectively make a point.
  •     Are strong at building rapport and solid relationships.

Influence is managed not only with logical arguments but also on an emotional level - known as impression management.  A top performer will usually have solid arguments and actions and will build behind-the-scenes support


Empathy is crucial for wielding influence, you can only have a positive impact on others if you sense how they feel and understand their position and their perspective.


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