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Keep Your Personal Image Clear


More than anything, it is important to keep your online image neat. How people perceive you in the World Wide Web is so important for your business. The Internet has set the public eye on everyone: the moment you leave your mark online is when people will begin to formulate opinions and ideas of who you are as a person.

Right now, it’s up to you to decide how the world is going to see you. However, you should always strive to be as authentic as possible, or people will smell insincerity and fraudulence coming from your general direction. Just keep in mind that being authentic doesn’t mean sharing the ugliest bits of your personality. Being in the public eye means that you have to begin thoroughly thinking through what you post. You can relax and be yourself, but you should take extra care in being respectable in what you do. The moment someone famous, say a celebrity, posts a very poor and cringe-worthy tweet, everyone who sees it will lose a little bit of respect they had for that person.

Think ahead to the long-term consequences of the actions you take today. Once you’ve got a certain image going, it’ll be very hard to change it in the future. This image can influence many things in your future! Employers tend to take a little Internet adventure before hiring an employee to see how they present themselves online. The same goes for potential business partners or clients.

Wouldn’t it be great if what they found was a respectable, responsible, and genuine person?

Be true to who you are and, whenever you´re projecting yourself on the Internet, do yourself a favor... present the best YOU possible.


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