The Three Causes of Failure


In our last blog, we mentioned that one reason most people seldom accumulate fortunes until they have passed their 40’s is that they must undergo failures, adversities and overcome sufficient obstacles to develop sufficient knowledge to accumulate wealth. 

You must have seen those infomercials that claim that by buying their product it will make you an instant millionaire within a short period of time. Maybe you’ve even bought a book that promised to change your life overnight or attend a seminar to learn how to become financially independent in no time. The world is filled with get rich quick narratives.

Unfortunately, these narratives rarely tell us that success is seldom easy.  The fact is that we have to face challenges, obstacles and unexpected circumstances.

The question we have to ask ourselves is not “will there be tough times” but rather “when will they arrive?”

For many, the first sign of difficulties can be enough for them to become discouraged and stop doing what they intend to reach. While others, find the determination to discover another way and prevail. Instead of giving up they look for the opportunity within the challenge.

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