How to Deal with Your First Product Release to Grow


When you launch your viable product ( MVP) Release 1.0, lots of things can and will go wrong.  Feature requests will also start pouring in. The common tendency is to build more, but that is hardly the answer.

  • More features dilute your unique value proposition:  your MVP is better as small and focused as possible – simple products are simple to understand.
  • Don’t give up on you MVP too early:  first, troubleshoot and resolve issues with existing features before chasing new features
  • Features always have hidden costs:  more features mean more tests, more screenshots, more videos, more coordination, more complexity, more distractions.
  • You still don’t know what the customers really want: always keep your future feature ideas in a backlog – later on, validate and prioritize them.
  • Start with Minimal Market Features: a feature with the smallest portion of work which provides added value to customers
  • When validating and prioritizing features based on customer requests define if the request is a single request or common request – is the feature requested by a single customer or by most customers.  Define and assess whether it is a nice to have or a must have if it’s worth solving and which macro it will affect.
  • Review features throughout the feature life-cycle, ensure that they have a positive impact. Otherwise, rework or kill them.
  • At the beginning focus on traction and not on scaling – once you demonstrate early traction then and only then you can shift toward achieving sustainable growth.


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