3 Key Principles for Humongous Success


In order to reach a massive level of successes, you may consider devote yourself to these 3 principles:

Exceed the line of super-credibility

When you surround yourself with successful people, you get to borrow their credibility. Others will take you seriously and won’t question you because you are above the line of super-credibility. Even when we doubt ourselves, sometimes we take ease in knowing that others believe in us more than we do.

When you are under the line of credibility, people dismiss you immediately and don’t take you seriously. Above the line of credibility, you are given a chance to prove yourself, and your words are believed without a shadow of a doubt.


Set yourself up to succeed

Act always toward success, in your mind, and in practical terms. Focus intensively on a solution instead of fixating on obstacles.   Picture your end goal and act upon it, visualize success every time an obstacle presents – it will provide you with the vision on which resources to use and how to overcome any obstacle, it will provide you with strength and the will to reach your goals, it will provide you solutions to reach your aspirations. Whatever you seek is also seeking you.


When in doubt THINK

Don’t give up when people throw obstacles in your path because they don’t believe your vision is possible. Devise creative ways to find solutions, and find the people who share your vision and are excited to help you achieve it.



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