Flexibility is The Key


Endurance has to be consistent with flexibility. A balance is crucial – it’s important to know the difference between perseverance and stubbornness.

Be ready to adjust if necessary – of course, you have to be able to identify when adjustments need to be made. Be fair and open to yourself; it includes listening to other people’s feedback.

The key is to listen to your inner voice and outside counsel, while being willing to adjust along the way.

Setbacks and failures teach us what does not work, so we can focus on a new solution that will. The secret of finding new solutions is to look for them. Be flexible when working towards your end goal.

The real achievement comes from moving forward towards one’s dreams and being flexible.

It’s critical to have the mind-set that you are working toward progress, not perfection.  Keep always in mind your end goal by having a beginning and an end goal; what happens in between simply does not matter as long as you keep moving towards your end goal.

Listen to feedback with an open mind. Stay focused on your outcome, but be willing to adjust if needed.


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