What's The One Word for Startup Success?


There are tons of people creating startup companies, many of which don’t manage to take off. This shouldn’t discourage you because failing is part of the process that leads to success. A lot of startup companies that didn’t succeed failed to focus on the most important word…“TRACTION”.

Traction is a sign that your company is taking off. Let me explain: it can be measured in the number of users, downloads, searches, etc. it all depends on what field you’re in. Many companies focus on creating the perfect product and all the money goes into the creation process. This is a huge mistake because you could have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, it won’t be long before your company goes down. The solution is to focus heavily on traction, get creative and find ways to exponentially increase your company. Look into advertising methods that are in line with your target user base, and start exposing yourself.

Look at your company and find out how much budget you're allocating towards “traction” and be honest with yourself to see how much more you need to put in. Focusing on traction is not only great to get your company off the ground but it also helps to see if your product actually has a need in the market, allowing you to fail faster and move on or pivot your idea into a success.


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