Use This One Trick to Keep your Business Afloat


There have been plenty of promising businesses rising to the top only to reach the surface of the water belly-up with Xs for eyes. Let’s think about business as the sea and the sky. Start-ups always begin at the bottom of the ocean and struggle to swim higher.  We swim higher and higher until we reach the surface and find that we need to change to be able to fly higher. How do we do that?

It is necessary to change the direction your business is taking. To be able to jump from the water’s surface and soar higher yet, you’ll need to ditch the fins and grow a pair of wings. What does that even mean?

It means that at some point in the growth of your business, you’ll reach a plateau where you remain stagnant and unmoving until you change something. This is the surface of the water. Many businesses fail to change, and that is why you see so many dead fish in the water. OK, think of it like this: let’s say you have a business that sells health products originally targeted to young athletic men. It’s doing okay, but you know you’re not reaching full potential. You notice that your sales are largely made up of middle-aged women trying to lose weight, instead of young men. It would be foolish not to change your marketing strategies to draw more attention from those middle-aged women! It’s a terrible idea to ignore that strong section of your audience just because you don’t want your product to be for that crowd.

Change is a beautiful thing. Change whenever it best benefits your business. Don’t be afraid to harness your ability to adapt to the changing terrain and you will find yourself on the track to success. 


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