Staying Alive in Modern Times


Owning a business is tough work. In order for a business to reach and stay in success, it has to be constantly changing and morphing to keep up with the latest technology, marketing strategies, and trends. No one likes something that isn’t up to date. It doesn’t look professional for the CEO of a company to show up at a meeting and pull out their 2001 Nokia flip phone. It seems funny just thinking about it, doesn’t it? Now, let’s say that really happens. What does this small action say about the abilities of the whole company?

It makes them seem like they aren’t a reactionary business. A reactionary business is a business that has the ability to react & respond quickly to necessary changes. It is imperative for the survival of a business to keep up with modern times. For example, businesses that made the jump into the online world when it was the time to embrace it stayed alive, whereas those who merely stuck to older platforms eventually died away. The flexibility and adaptation of a company will determine its chances of survival. How do you do that?

Pay attention. Stay involved with the outside world and stay on the lookout for trends. Depending on what your company does, you can harness those trends to capitalize on the people following them and provide value to them. Let’s say the year is 2002, and your job is designing websites. You notice that newer websites are looking sleeker and use more high-quality graphics. Suddenly, the website you are currently designing looks a little outdated compared to these new styles. What do you do? You update your design style to keep up with the newer and better designs!

Even though it may be difficult to keep up at times, the best thing about this is that it means things are improving every day. If we remained stagnant in our ways, we wouldn’t advance as a society. It all comes down to the health and survival of your business. So, stay up to date on all things if you want your company to stay alive.


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