The Truth About Success and Leadership


One of the greatest freedoms each of us has, is the freedom to choose how we view our roles in the world and the power we all have to make positive decisions in whatever conditions we happen to find ourselves.

That freedom allows us to give nothing best, than the very best. The commitment of doing the very best, works wonders in people's life in the sense that it provides an energy that makes people feel good about themselves and be successful.

Success doesn't just happen because someone's stars line up, it happens because of intelligent choices we have chosen to make, success is consciously created, a conscious choice. It's a guaranteed result that comes from commitment.

What's most important is how you see yourself, knowing who you are, knowing the value of work, challenge yourself - which makes your life and work meaningful. You need to own how great you are. Never play victim, it's impossible to build a tribute of success on a foundation of excuses.

Leadership without title is about having an unshakable faith in your vision and unrelenting confidence in your power. Titles bring power but if the title is taken away, the power gets lost - on the other hand Leaders without title never loose the power they have within (natural leadership power).

  • Everyone of us alive has the power to go to work each day and express the absolute best within us. And you need no title to do that.
  • Everyone of us alive today has the power to influence, inspire and elevate each person you meet. And you need no title to do that.
  • Everyone of us alive today can passionately drive positive change in the face of negative conditions. And you need no title to do that.
  • Everyone of us alive today can treat others with respect, appreciation and kindness. And you need no title to do that.

Each one of us has a Leadership switch within us  - it's up to us not only to recognize it, but to also flip the switch - it's a switch between victimhood or leadership.