Be Strategic to Surpass The Competition


Strategic Managers create value by re-imaging the industry, they come up with superior business models – by devising new ways of doing business. They provide unique products or services for which customers are happy to pay a premium, or they cut costs without reducing quality, or ideally, the do both: they sell for more and produce for less. 

Strategic Managers value thought above action, the never let action (or conformity) drive out thought. They think very hard on how to do more with less – strategic thinking. They usually don’t follow routines like most Managers tend to do. Strategic Managers are ambitious.

Strategic thinking is however only the first step that Strategic Managers take, due to the fact that Strategic Managers tend to be ambitious, the usually “force” themselves to commit to something unfamiliar with determination.

With those elements in place a Strategic Manager is usually able to create new or better business models - as long as it leads to higher prices and lower costs or a combination of both.  Innovative ideas are only good when producing the desired results.

Strategic Managers are usually:

  • Highly collaborative
  • They possess disciplined authenticity
  • Their economic models work
  • They appeal to customers in different and new ways