3 Ways To Keep Your Team Focused and Organized


1. Allow Employees Flexibility

If you haven't adopted this new way of thinking in business, you are far behind. Now it is popular to allow flexibility in the workplace. Give your employees more freedom by allowing them to work from home at-least one day of the week and to adopt work hours to their lifestyle. By doing this the employees will be much more focused and put in that extra effort because they don't want to loose the amazing opportunity. As long as you have invested in a solid social project management tool, you will be even more organized than before.

2.  Have a Regular Meeting Schedule

Face-to-face meetings are great but it is very hard to get everyone involved because people are busy. Instead of having a lot of face-to-face meetings have one once a week/month, at the same time and in the same place and make it mandatory. Talk about the main issues, address them, and see what everyone's priorities are. Once all the priorities are set, each employee can import them into a priority manager, which will allow each person and the person in charge to change the order of the priorities. Also you will be able to add new priorities throughout the week, from virtually anywhere.

3. Have All Files and Tasks Organized by Projects

Email is good, but you can spend too much time searching for files and tasks, and eventually some fall through the cracks. By having a place where you can collaborate with your team online and organize tasks, files and conversations by projects, you will never miss another file or deadline ever again. It is really convenient to have a virtual office with a UI similar to a social network, so everyone can easily use it to be more productive.