The Real Truth Behind a Happy Workplace


Be aware to “explode the myth of the happy workplace,” because the truth is, you can’t make everybody happy.

If you labor under the illusion that you can, you’re only going to disappoint yourself. Everybody wants different things.

Leaders should not try to achieve happiness in a whole team or organization. Rather, they should concentrate on simply optimizing the more primal emotions we all share, such as playfulness, and the desire for new experiences. These emotions arise from the lower regions of our brain…and get passed along naturally. They exist regardless of our unique experiences. Happiness may mean different things to different people, but optimal heartfelt emotions don’t.

As emotional beings, we still respond best to emotional interactions. Hardly a surprise. But, in the business world, we often still perpetuate the myth that leading by logic and reason is best.

Those leaders who practice the lead-by-logic approach mistakenly believe that reason drives emotion. In fact, you can more effectively create the state of mind you desire by working directly with emotion.

The takeaway then? Lead by tapping into primal emotions.