How to Work Smart While Travelling


There are millions of obstacles when you're trying to work while travelling, but you shouldn't let that stop you. Seeing different parts can open up an entire world of possibilities and break the dull everyday routine that you are currently use too. Not everyone will get the chance to travel while still working productively, but thanks to the web, it has allowed for some amazing tools that are making it a lot easier to manage.

I've had the opportunity to travel to a lot of various places for trade-shows and other meetings, while still being expected to do all my daily tasks. At first it was hard to find a balance and with all the complications, I was getting overwhelmed but the more I did it the better I got. Here are some of the tips that will make your life a lot easier without having to learn from trial and error like I did.

1.) Find Reliable Internet Access

This is one of the most important on the list! It is not enough to just have Internet, it has to be reliable. Try to find great internet at the hotel your staying at, it will make your life a lot easier and dig deep, go online and read reviews to see what people say about the internet. If their isn't any, call and ask the manager of the hotel about the reliability, tell them it is real important to you and they will be honest. Remember reliability is more important then speed, although you still need it fast enough to be productive.

2.) Plan Out Your Schedule in Full Detail

Before leaving, plan out your priorities for that entire week based on importance. Plan out how you are going to schedule your day to be productive, and enjoy the new location. Remember it is all about working smart! Set goals each day on what important tasks you want to accomplish, and stick to it.

3.) Work Extra Before Leaving

If you know you have something due mid week next week while your travelling, try to finish it that weekend or work over time during the week before you leave. The more you get out of the way before you go on the trip, the more relaxed you will be and the easier it will be to manage. This one has helped me have a lot more free time during my trips.

4.) Use a Business Collaboration Tool

It is really beneficial to have a business portal where you can access all your projects/tasks and have real time updates on what is going on within your organization. This has saved me a lot of time and struggles. Being able to access all the projects that have been assigned to me with all the related files in the same place, through anywhere there is internet... is amazing.

5.) Get Use to Improvising

The main reason your learning all this is because you want to get out of the same old schedule and have amazing experiences, so improvising is going to have to become your friend! Nothing usually works out 100% like you intend it to but learn to go with it and improvise, some people get nervous or filled with fear (Read my last blog post to help with overcoming fear...) but instead you should be excited and passionate, unpredictability is an awesome part of life, you never know who you will meet, what places you'll go or what situation you'll get into. The more you focus on the positivity within each situation, the better it'll go for you.

If you incorporate all this in your next travel/work experience I can guarantee it will be a lot easier for you to manage and enjoy the trip. One last thing; don't have expectations, go to the location with a blank mind and an open heart to truly enjoy the experience, no matter what happens.

Happy travelling!