How to Become an Effective Manager


As a Manager, would you like to simplify your work while at the same time improve performance?

In order to do so you have to become an Effective Manager, focus on outputs rather than inputs. Do not focus on the process but rather focus on results - the ones that produce the best end results.

In general, few inputs produce great results while most inputs produce few good results.  It’s called the 80/20 principle.  Business wise, time has proven that a few products, customers and decisions account for most of a firm’s profits.  This principle applies not only to business but also to your own personal life.

To become an effective manager, you have to focus on maximizing results; where most effort is a waste of time a few well-chosen interventions transform your own and other’s lives as same as the end results.

Three important factors are to be considered in order to apply the 80/20 Principle as a Manager:

First, to make this new approach work for you, you have to be willing to cast off your old assumptions and work habits.  Stop following and start to think everything through for yourself.  It will help you define which are the vital few forces which create the best results.

Second, as a Manager, you will have to work in the right kind of job, for the right firm with the right kind of boss. Basically, have the discretion to make a difference in a company that encourages freedom and creativity.  Unfortunately, most companies do not fit this description but the most successful ones do.

Third, you must really want it, with all your heart and soul. As long as you are serious about it you will accomplish it.