The Secret to Hiring the Best People


How would you hire a new employee? Well, most of us create a job ad, wait for applications and then interview the candidates who have the best technical skills and experience.

That’s the traditional recruiting process, and it’s pretty popular. However, it’s hardly ideal.

After all, this process only targets job-seekers, narrowing your search to candidates who are unemployed or unhappy with their current jobs.

Another problem with the traditional recruiting process is that it’s hard to get an accurate sense of candidates’ actual technical expertise from the interview alone. Because believe it or not, studies show that close to 80 percent of interviewees lie.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to accurately gauge expertise because you, the interviewer, are probably biased. Even when you focus on evaluating technical skills, subconsciously you’re making your decision according to other factors. For instance, people who are tall and have deep voices are more likely to get hired, because interviewers connect these qualities with good health.

Since there are many problems with the traditional recruiting process, you need to change your approach. It's recommended you get creative with interviews and also giving your employees a larger role in the process. 

So when you need to make a new hire, rally your employees. Let them ask around and tap their own networks. This way, you stand a better chance of finding great employees outside the basic applicant pool.

And then, once you have your candidates, introduce creativity into the interview process. To avoid the lies, avoid too many questions relating to technical expertise. Instead, ask questions to determine whether candidates would fit in with your team and determine how inspired the candidate is to fill the role and goals to be accomplished in the position being offered.

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