How to Use Leverage to Multiply Your Efforts


A lever, a device that has the power to multiply the effectiveness of your input allowing you to achieve extraordinary results through ordinary effort.

A Leverage Manager can use different levers for great results:


Caring generates its own energy since it’s closely related to meaning. The question is, how much do you care about you work and your company?  The more you care the greater the results you can generate.


Confidence has the power to generate passion which provides the opportunity that would otherwise seem impossible. Confidence is a leverage for success.


Every business starts with an idea and every idea can be improved. Businesses come and go since only the best ideas survive in the market. The trick is to identify the 80/20 ideas


Only decisive people succeed, the indecisive ones never do.  As a Leverage Manager focus on taking crucial decisions and delegate the trivial ones.


The only way to become a great manager is if you have the trust of your boss and you trust your own team members.  Trust is an absolute prerequisite of efficiency.


If you want to attract the best customers surround yourself with the best people (staff)