Bonding Your Way to Success


Building Bonds is part of your Social Skills - a component of your Social Competence.

While Social Skills, in general, is related to your adeptness at inducing desirable responses in others - Building Bonds relates to your ability to nurture instrumental relationships.

People who have this competence usually:

  • Cultivate and maintain extensive informal networks
  • Seek out relationships that are mutually beneficial
  • Build rapport and keep others in the loop
  • Make and maintain personal friendships among work associates
  • Always keep in touch with everybody they know

Relationships are the main key to doing business - business deals are more likely to be closed due to contacts, friendships, and referrals.

Outstanding performers build and maintain networks which are crucial for success. Networks are linked by face to face contact, phone or email contact - what matters is to keep a psychological proximity - it's about keeping in contact and in touch with people you get along with, people you trust, share common ideals and feel comfortable with.


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