It’s Not About Where You Start, It’s Just About Starting


There's rarely a need to find the best place to start. All starting points are equally valid. Worrying about where to start a project often results in the worst of all possible consequences: never starting at all.

In improv, saying whatever comes to mind when it's your turn to speak is often far better than pausing while thinking of the "best" thing to say. Go with whatever you have and try to turn it into a good idea rather than trying to find a good idea before you start.

You can apply this maxim to speeches. Instead of writing your notes down precisely, write your speech as a series of questions to yourself and then answer the questions naturally while you're talking with whatever comes to mind.

You’ll find that once you start something your end result will be great no matter where you started.

Exercise: think of a project that needs to be done. After you finish reading these notes, go and do the first thing that comes to mind about completing the project. Repeat until you are done!


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