YOU are in control of your time.

Time isn’t the main thing; it’s the only thing.
— Miles Davis

Maximize every minute of every day... time is money so we need to use it wisely, make the most of it and be in control of time so we are able to accomplish the most. Grant explains that even on your lunch break there is an opportunity to increase your sales.

His idea of NESTING is repetitively visiting the same place over and over again until you are familiar with everyone there. Have lunch in places where potential customers congregate. You need to spend time with customers, reach UP!

Go to places where qualified buyers would go. This provides you with the opportunity to go out and be seen.


We need to use every moment to sell.
How much time are you wasting?
A way to measure the time we waste on a daily basis is to record every time you find yourself doing something that wasteful; smoke break, coffee break, facebook, doodling, etc.


He who makes the most of time accomplishes the most.

YOU are in control of your time.



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