Agile Methodology

Increase Efficiency of IT Tasks Using Project Management Strategies


Many projects have risk attached to them, especially when they involve technology. Proper project management applications can reduce the dangers and ensure systems stay on track and within budget by helping to monitor adoption rates, perform audits and track return on investment (ROI).

Employee adoption remains one of the larger obstacles for business technology success. When new programs or devices are not used to their full potential, companies lose out. According to a new Corporate Executive Board study, IT investments can lose up to 25 percent in ROI due to poor user adoption.

There are a handful of ways to get employees to embrace a new system. Training and bringing workers in on the decision making process early on can be very helpful. Companies can also keep track of user buy-in with a project management information system. An article in CustomerThink suggests that using software to monitor and audit IT projects has several benefits.

"Audits identify areas of problems and corrective action," wrote Jason Whitehead, the author of the article. "The reason audits have been used in so many areas of an organization, for so many years, is that they work. Audits are an effective way to check to see what is really happening in your organization, determine where you have problems and define specific actions and deadlines for correcting problems."

By deploying a project management solution, businesses can track usage of other applications, as well as software and hardware solutions. By staying on top of these figures, companies can avoid many of the pitfalls that come with implementing new technologies.


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