The Secret to Becoming an Amazing Leader


Relaxed intensity is what allows leaders to push through hardship in a collaborative manner rather than do it alone.

When a leader is relaxed, challenges are handled effectively. People do not follow someone who panics, shows doubt and fear. People tend to follow those who appear strong, secure when faced with tough situations. These individuals project confidence that they have what it takes to overcome the challenge.

Nobody is born a leader, and yet everyone is born with leadership potential.  Leadership is learned and practiced. Leaders are those who learn how to convert fear into relaxed intensity – we must learn to control our fear if we want to lead ourselves and others.

Leaders are not afraid to step up and stand out and have the courage to face challenges.


To develop relaxed intensity you have to:

·         Stay true to yourself:  your passion and commitment become stronger than your fears. Instead of focusing on your challenges along the way, always focus on your outcome.

·         Don’t’ blend in:  understand that it is your job as a leader to stand out and take the lead. Sometimes this means acting against the status quo. It’s easy to blend in but only leaders act when change is needed.

·         Know you have what it takes:  Leadership is learned, which means we must learn how to face challenges with composure. Only then will we clearly see the solutions necessary to achieving our


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