Live Your Life like a Hero


You are the main character in your life’s drama; it’s up to you to decide which part you want to play. You can choose to be the hero or you can choose to be the victim.

We start our lives by being pushed, pressed and fighting to get out of a narrow space. For the rest of our lives, we find ourselves in more narrow spaces that we must fight to get through, but we keep at it until we persevere. It is by overcoming these narrow places in our lives that we free ourselves from tunnel vision and become heroic survivors of our own life voyage. 

When we get stuck in a narrow place, we stay there because of fear. Fear keeps us from making the journey. It keeps us stuck or makes us frantic, disabling us from taking the path of growth and well being. By letting fear take control of how you make decisions, you are no longer choosing your own trail.

Life is a journey of discovery, not certainty, and the best way to make it is simply to take it. A heroic journey is when you recognize and confront your fears, allowing you to move past them and discover truth and purpose.

Try to live your life like a hero; you never know when the path of our lives can become an inspiration to others who are in their own pursuit of purpose. 



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