How to Grow Your List


Collecting an email list for your company is crucial because unlike social media you own it. Don't get me wrong social media is very important and has its place, but if you don't have an email list you are losing a lot of potential clients. In order to start growing your list you are going to need to do three things:

 1. Provide Value!

Don't just assume people are going to give you their email address for no reason, a lot of times company make this mistake and it leaves them with fewer people signed up. Make sure to highlight what they will get if they sign up it could be anything (Video, Ebook, Skype Chat etc...). The best way to find out what they want is to put yourself in your target markets shoes and give them something they will find beneficial. Also once they are on the list only send them content that is interesting to them, nobody likes spam and that's a way to get automatically unsubscribed. 


 2. Require Less Fields

It is proven that the more fields you get a person to fill-in in order to sign up, the fewer people will actually do it.  So in order to maximize your results just have one field for their email address and that's it. You'll be surprised how much a difference that will make.


3. Use Landing Pages

Using landing pages will boost your results because they are simple and get the user to do just one specified action. In order to have this work in your favor, it is important to keep your landing pages clean and have only the necessary amount of information needed, to let them know what value they will get for signing up. Some great companies that let you make landing pages very quickly are Leadpages and Instapage.

If you apply these three things consistently you will start generating a lot more people on your list. Also, remember to keep testing different things and tracking them. If one landing page isn't working or the phrasing for your website is not providing results... change it up and keep tracking it, eventually, through trial and error, you will find something that will make your list grow to a point you never thought was possible.


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Happy Mailing!