The 5 Step Process to Find Prospects


Start with first-degree contacts 

They are your immediate contacts that meet your target customer demographics. Even if some close contacts might be biased it will provide you with experience and insights.


Ask for introductions

Ask your first degree contacts for introductions to people who meet your target customer demographics. Make it simple for your first-degree contact to introduce you to other people by providing them with a message template which will facilitate the process.


Play the local card

People are more willing to meet if they can identify with you. Meeting with local people makes it simpler to share common aspects.


Create an email list from the teaser page

If the web is a viable way to channel your product, setting up a teaser page is a great way to find people to interview.


Give something back

Offer a write-up, free test, discount - not only will they appreciate it but also provide referral


Use additional techniques such as cold calling, emailing, LinkedIn

Make sure to reach the right prospect, have a clear line of introduction which would attract interest 



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