The Happiness Model


There is a happiness model which most people follow in life - the thinking goes like this:

Great Work = Big Success = Be Happy

In real life the model does not work like that since most people tend to set new goals once they reach a previous one - why stop at a college degree if you can get a master's, why stop at being a Manager if you can become a Director; people tend to focus on the next job, next degree, next promotion.

We never get to happiness since it gets pushed further and further away.

What happens if we snap "Be Happy" off the end and stick it at the beginning? 
Be Happy = Great Work = Big Success

Everything changes!

So what is the first thing you must do in order to be happy? 

Be Happy FIRST.

Secret No. 1:  The first thing you must do before you can be happy is to Be Happy


In our next blog, we will discuss the single biggest reason it's so hard to be happy.


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