Work Smarter Not Harder


Most Managers work over 60 hours per week while the few ones work the 40 weekly hours or even few hours less.    

Not in all cases, but in most cases, the latter ones tend to work smart rather than work hard, they guide themselves by the 80/20 principle – they award themselves a life while at the same time produce great results.

They usually do only what they enjoy doing and spend all their time in what they do best while at the same time are surrounded by people with various different qualifications which makes their team quite successful in business.

In summary, there are not only those who give orders, but those who give advice to what orders should be given.

Laziness itself is not a virtue; it works well only when is complimented with high intelligence. The very highest-achieving managers usually possess a host of virtues such as thoughtfulness, originality and vision.

This type of Managers, place a very high value on their own time and having the freedom to think things through without being disturbed with tedious chores that many other Managers handle, to keenly demonstrate their competence.

Their brilliance gives them the confidence to be lazy, and their laziness gives them the freedom to find shortcuts to better results through less effort. They are usually selective and insightful at crucial decisions; they do not sweat about small stuff.

Odd title for sure, but it boils down to work smart rather than work hard.