You Can Do Better


It is important to realize that you can do better. The reason most people waste a lot of effort and investment is because they are not focusing on the 80/20 principle. 

When you laser focus your efforts on prospects who already understand what you do, know what problems you can solve for them, and prefer the way you go about solving them, you will get far more results from your investment than you ever would have.

80/20 doesn't just apply to customers and billboards and mail drops. It applies to almost everything in business that you can count.

For example:

  • 80 percent of sales are made by 20 percent of people.
  • A great album has 10 songs. Two of them make the pop charts, and one is a number-one hit.
  • 80 percent of the persuasion happens on 20 percent of your web pages.

This is great information to know but it will not be possible until you find someone to sell to. That's what the next article will be about, so stay tuned.