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You Can Do Better


It is important to realize that you can do better. The reason most people waste a lot of effort and investment is because they are not focusing on the 80/20 principle. 

When you laser focus your efforts on prospects who already understand what you do, know what problems you can solve for them, and prefer the way you go about solving them, you will get far more results from your investment than you ever would have.

80/20 doesn't just apply to customers and billboards and mail drops. It applies to almost everything in business that you can count.

For example:

  • 80 percent of sales are made by 20 percent of people.
  • A great album has 10 songs. Two of them make the pop charts, and one is a number-one hit.
  • 80 percent of the persuasion happens on 20 percent of your web pages.

This is great information to know but it will not be possible until you find someone to sell to. That's what the next article will be about, so stay tuned.

The 4 Benefits of Work Flexibility

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A lot of companies are still very old fashioned, in the way they restrict their employees to have to work in an office, at a specific time. Although structure is good it is very important to realize the benefits of allowing employees to be more flexible, still working the same amount of hours but more customized to their work/life balance. 

  • It allows for a significant selection of amazing talent, by not forcing people to come to an office everyday you will be able to hire people from anywhere.
  • With good management, employees will produce better results in terms of quality and amount of work completed, since they are being trusted to do their job they will try not to lose the amazing opportunity to work from anywhere, they will make sure to always over-deliver.
  • As a company you will spend less money in general. The cost of an office will be reduced and all overall resources as well.
  • Employees will have a better attitude towards work because there work/life balance is being respected.

Although allowing flexibility in the workplace has a lot of benefits it can be difficult to transition, but luckily there are amazing platforms that allow people to stay productive from anywhere and keep the company moving forward.

The Secret to Staying Booked Solid


To be booked solid requires that you have a solid foundation. As part of a solid foundation you need the following: 

  • Know who are your ideal clients

  • Understand why people buy what you are selling

  • Develop a personal an unique brand

  • Communicate what you do in a concise and clear manner

A solid foundation will support all of your business development and marketing.


The first step in building your foundation is to choose your clients.

In order to figure out who your ideal clients are, choose your clients as carefully as you choose your friends – the type of individuals or businesses with whom you do your best work.

The purpose is to identify the specific characteristics of the individuals or organizations that would make them ideal to work with. By doing so, it will allow us to develop a rigorous screening process.

Most businesses work with anybody that has a checkbook and as much as it Might seem to be the right approach on the long run the benefits of this strategy are very limited. Instead, choosing your ideal clients will empower your business and yourself – it will allow you to increase productivity, do your best work and have more clients and more referrals. Joy, prosperity and abundance happens when you perform optimally, when you are with people who inspire you and energize you.


In order to start the process, you have to begin to identify the types of clients you have. Ask yourself which are the current clients which give you strength, energize you, empower you, make you creative, provide you with confidence and which ones are the ones who drain you, turn you off or shut your down. Ask yourself, would you rather spend your days working with incredibly amazing, exciting, cool, awesome people or spend your time with barely tolerable people who suck the life out of you?

Be honest with yourself, identify your ideal clients and the ones who are not and take action. Taking a Booked Solid Action Step is a bold action which requires courage – start by removing the type of clients that zap your time and energy - even if you take one step at a time by replacing them with your ideal clients. This process will not only benefit you but also benefit those same clients you will not work with anymore - since, if you are working with people with whom you do not do your best work, you are out of integrity – refer them to someone who can.


There is nothing wrong with the no-ideal clients. They are just not right for you as you are not right for them. Whenever you take the step, be tactful, diplomatic, loving and keep it simple: “ I’m not the best person to serve you”.   Remember, in life you cannot please everyone, to even try is futile.

Choose the best balance and strategy for you, your business and your clients. You can choose to loosen or tighten at will the type of clients you consider ideal. If you are new in the business you will not want to turn away you first clients even if they are not ideal but as your business permits you should be focusing only on working with and looking for clients which are the ideal clients.

Define and list clearly which benefits ideal clients will provide you with such as energy, strength, confidence, successful, alive, etc. Which qualities do they have such as positive attitude, collaborative, resilient, value-oriented, outgoing, creative, etc.   Which clients do you look forward to seeing ? Whom do you love to be around ? With which clients do you work the best ?

Create a list of filters which will help you to define them clearly. What filters do you want to run your perfect clients through?

Once you attract more and more ideal clients you will discover that you are happier, more vibrant, more energetic, more productive and you will give your clients the best of yourself and your services and it turn you will gain even more additional business referrals.

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Written by John Krumbach,
VP of Finances

3 Ways to Overcome Fear


Everyone has the power to be successful, but what usually stops people from reaching their maximum potential is fear. People are scared because they don’t want to fail, so how do you face fear? 

1.      Make sure your personal development and expansion is never stopped.

Let the sensation of success be greater then any fear you might have. When you continue to improve yourself  you will notice the fear of the unknown gets drowned out… it will still be there, but it will get much smaller because it won’t be your main focus.

2.     Be in control of your own thoughts.

Don’t let anyone’s opinion fill your mind with doubt and fear. Also try not to focus on the mainstream media; they often try to make people feel insecure for their own gain. Make sure your thoughts are based on courage and faith.

3.     Direct your thoughts on your main purpose and on living a fulfilling life.

Fear is a state of mind and you will attract what you focus on, so always focus on what you want to occur.


Success is Not the Key to Happiness, This is..


Your happiness is your success. These days, a booming business is available to anyone, even you. Gary Vaynerchuck, author of crush it!, says not to measure your success by the wealth and grandeur of your business, but to measure it in happiness.

The secret to success is only made up of three simple rules: love your family, work super hard, and live your passion. If you are measuring your success in happiness, that first rule is crucial. Second to that, working hard may be on obvious rule for achievement. However, it is one of those things that are easier said than done. Finally, the key to your true happiness is living your passion: “Are you living, or just earning a living?” (Vaynerchuck, 3). 

We as a society have shifted in the way we do things. With the invention of the Internet, we’ve been flocking towards the web to socialize, shop, find entertainment, and more. This is a gigantic opportunity for businesses to harness and take advantage of. With the global audience that has moved to the Internet, it is clear that businesses, too, must move to the Internet.

Now, personal branding has never been easier, and advertisements are found (these days, personalized advertisements) everywhere in the online world. The Internet is a moneymaking machine just waiting for you to learn how to use it. Using the Internet as a tool will boost the speed of your success, and minimize the money you would need to put in to make it flourish. Keep in mind that, “[these tools] are only as good as the person who uses them” (Vaynerchuck, 12).

You have to have passion and an excellent work ethic to make things happen. If you have the drive, you have the power and everything you need to start making money. However, this isn’t all about the money, this about taking your passion and finding a way for you to live from it. Remember, we’re measuring success in happiness


Written by Natalie Mansilla,
Growth Hacker