Using Outstanding Service to Gain Success


In order to gain trust, credibility and truly standout as a business you have to have outstanding service. The customer always has to come first. Make sure that every area of your service as a business is up to a high standard, it is crucial to success. 

 Here are some areas in your "service" to have in mind: 

  • Methods and tools:  you are expected to have them in place to measure the quality of service you provide and response you provide
  • Responsiveness: your clients and customers expect you to be responsive, they expect you to respond to their calls and emails.
  • Credentials:  depending on your profession, credentials might be expected or assumed more in some fields than in others;  in the medical, legal or financialfields credentials are of high importance.
  • Client importance: no matter what, make your clients always feel important – it should be a given.
  • Appropriate price:  people do not always by based on lowest price, price is only part of the whole package; by itself, offering the lowest price is not going to help establish credibility – in fact, many potential clients may be leery if your prices are significantly below market value.

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Written by John Krumbach,
VP of Finances
, ISU Corp