Using Heartfelt Emotion to Increase Team Creativity


Get into the habit of drawing on “heartfelt emotion” to increase creativity within your team.

Drawing on your own, genuine emotions doesn’t just keep things positive. Ultimately it deepens the impact of positive interactions. Creativity is going to come that much more easily.

“Strong heartfelt emotions can halt our rational mental processes and connect us to people in a much more profound way than relatively mild feelings, such as relief or satisfaction or thankfulness. Heartfelt emotions make our hearts sing, and they set fire to our cognitive and perceptual abilities – traits that every business prizes.”

It seems obvious that heartfelt emotion should create more positive feelings and therefore drive creativity but truthfully, few of the companies take this approach, most likely out of ignorance.

“When team members experience heartfelt emotion, their creative ability ratchets up a notch. That’s why primal team leaders try to deepen team emotion.”


Have you ever worked for someone who exhibited such heartfelt emotions?