5 Key Principles for Mastering Social Media


A lot of people use social media without knowing what they're doing. From one perspective social media is very straight forward and easy to use, but the people that use it blindly aren't making any progress within their business goals. In order to be successful in social it is crucial to know the main principles!

Here let me give them to you (try to take mental notes):

1. Attract

  • Pass the eye scan test by using an attractive title

2. Engage

  • Share content through the power of story telling

3. Connect

  • Bring out the human side in you

4. Convert

  •  Have a call-to-action

5. Retain

  • Keep them interested once they follow you by using the 3E’s (Educate, Entertain, Empower)

Overall the goal should be to create super fans, you can do this by using the human element (make 1 in every 5 posts a personal post), becoming an authority, encouraging fan dialogue, and spreading the word (Create giveaways).

Now that you know what to do, always keep them in mind and watch how your results will boost. If you are worried you'll forget then just bookmark this page and rename it "Read Before Posting!" you'll always be able to have a quick refresher and know exactly what to do, cheers.