Follow Your Passion


The beautiful thing about pursuing your passion is starting from nothing.

Some might say that starting from nothing is a great mistake and people who choose that path are only going backwards. They could be right; people who have comfortable lives, people who wake up every morning to go to a job they despise is what success really looks like. Isn’t it?

To some, it might be if they don't despise their job entirely. But to those who have a dream and aren't living it, it most definitely is not. People who quit that day job and decided to start from scratch are giving themselves the chance to make it big time. Sure, it may seem irresponsible if you have children to feed and loans to pay. But it only seems that way: quitting your crappy job really means that you’ve committed to working harder than you ever have in your life. And starting from scratch will only fuel your hunger for success.

Have you ever found yourself saying something along the lines of, ‘Man, I hate my job! I should have gone to film school instead of becoming a stock brocker’? Excuse me, sir, GO TO FILM SCHOOL. In fact, start making films right now. Or, if your passion is model airplanes, guess what! There are thousands of people who have the same passion. Chances are if you have a passion for something, you’re not the only one. That means that there is a market for it, and you can make money off it by using the Internet to find as many of those people as possible. Gary Vaynerchuck, author of Crush It! wrote three small and true words, “[…] scarcity breeds desire” (pg. 22).

So, if you’ve got that passion inside you, and the willingness to work incredibly hard to follow your dreams, then you have a world of opportunity waiting for you.