Fight Fear Using These 5 Simple Steps


1. Feel the vibrations of Success

Be always aware that success is a result of positive thinking. Day after day, minute after minute; mold your mind to think positive, feed your mind with positive thinking and a positive attitude. 

2. Create your own reality

Don’t allow other people’s opinions to fill your mind with doubt and fear, because this will create your reality. Base your thoughts in courage and faith and your mind will make that your reality. Decide to be in control of your own thoughts.

3. Direct your thoughts

Remember that fear is a state of mind. You will attract what you focus on. Consciously direct your thoughts to your definite major purpose, direct it to living and fulfilling life.  See yourself as financially secure.

4. Take positive action

While fear paralyzes people, action empowers them.  Positive action will empower you to guide your actions towards benefiting those who your action is being guided to. 

5. Have Faith

Faith with positive action go hand by hand.