Change your Mindset, Change your Life


Whatever you think continuously will define what you experience in life.
Buddha said it best: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.”

It only takes some looking around to realize it is true; we create our own reality with our thoughts and our emotions –thoughts providing direction, our emotions supplying the boost to get there faster or slower.

You may argue that there are certain events that are completely out of our control, that we haven’t created them at all, and it might be so. But I believe it is our attitude towards those events what counts.

Some time ago I learned a formula from Dr. Robert Resnick which describes this attitude issue in a very simple way: 

Event + Response = Outcome 

Whatever Event we might be experiencing in life, it is, in the end, our Response what makes the Outcome what it is…
It is our attitude towards the problem and not the problem itself.
Our mindset and our emotional state can make the difference because they are both under our control.

Our human culture has the habit of negativity, and we even take pride in it sometimes, calling ourselves realistic, down-to-earth people; but we need to realize that expecting the worst as a general rule will only set things in motion for us to receive exactly that; the worst.

We are creators; we create with our minds and with our hearts; and whatever we expect, we’re eventually going to receive.
If we’d chose to expect –to build in our minds and in our hearts - the image of the best possible outcome, we’d also set things in motion to create it.
It takes some time getting used to the idea that we can actually make our own reality, but if we ever want to do it willingly, we need to remove our focus from the Event and place it on our Responses; make the best out of it, embed it with positive thoughts and emotions, and watch the Outcome getting better and better every time.

Do you want to know what kind of world are you creating for you now?
Pay attention to how you’re feeling in this very moment.
The quality of your creation will match the quality of your current emotions.

If you are feeling great now, then you are creating a world that will make you feel that way or even better.   


Give it a try, and see it for yourself