Empathy; Finding Echoes of Others within Yourself


In our previous blogs, we covered all aspects of Personal Competence such as Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, and Motivation. In our following blogs, we will cover all aspects of Social Competence, aspects such as Empathy and Social Skills.

Social Competence is related to your ability to handle relationships in a positive manner and your ability to get along with other people. Empathy is a part of your Social Competence personality.  

While Social competence, in general, relates to your ability to handle relationships properly, Empathy relates to your awareness of other people's feelings and perspectives.

People who have this competence usually:

  • Have an understanding of others
  • Can sense the developing needs of others
  • Are service oriented
  • Leverage Diversity
  • Have Political Awareness

Each of these five aspects will be covered in detail later on.