Selling, a Way of Life


By Tiana Vonghachack

The most powerful people in the world all have one thing in common: they know how to sell. To be one of those people, you must learn how to do the exact same thing. Your entire livelihood depends on this ability and it has all your life up to this very moment.

The #1 reason that a business fails is because of its inability to sell products in quantities great enough at prices high enough. It is odd to think, but selling is actually a prerequisite of life. You will find yourself on a day to day basis having to sell, persuade, negotiate, convince and debate. The ability to sell your beliefs, dreams, and ideas is what will open doors for you in the business world and in your personal life. It is ESSENTIAL.

“The best things in life come as a result of something extra that you do”.

Commissions can come in forms of recognition, a raise/promotion, getting votes, getting new friends, and any other positive result of an action you took. Commissions are rewards, and in order to need to exceed expectations. Go just a bit further than anyone else, and you will see the fruits of your efforts.

The economy relies on the ability of salespeople. A salesperson can be anyone who is motivated by the ability to produce.

Without them there would be no:

  • Distribution
  • Storage
  • Or advertising!

It’s imperative to your work and personal life to understand the true importance of being able to sell. The sooner this is accepted, the sooner you can make your way to new successes.



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