Time Management, The Art of Structuring Your Life


Structure relates to how can we make use of our time more effectively. People who structure their life usually get more out of their lives.

At the beginning of the week, Monday -  each and every one of us has 168 hours to spend by the time midnight strikes on Sunday.

Basically, we can divide the week into 3 buckets of time:  sleep, work, personal.

Time allows us to structure our lives, which people structure in different ways - the question is, in which way do you personally structure your time between those 3 buckets:

·        Some tend to use a lot of time for sleep and personal leaving less time for work

·        Some tend to use a lot of time for work leaving less time for sleep and personal

·        Some others tend to allocate close to a proportional time for each

Too much time of sleep and personal time and less time of work provides an unbalanced structure since monetary constraints are involved in making your life more complicated and less meaningful.  We all know that financial insecurity and constrain creates stress.

On the other hand, when people invest too much time working, they sacrifice sleep and sacrifice their personal lives ( by personal we mean own time dedicated to family, social life and own).  Sacrificing health due to lack of sleep and sacrificing relations due to lack of time are two factors of an unfulfilled life full of stress.

The trick to happiness is related to a balanced structure of life in which all 3 buckets take the same priority; they might not be exactly structured in 1/3 each but close to it. This structure will allow a person to enjoy financial security and enjoyment while at the same have the related time to enjoy family, social and personal life.



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