How to manage your energy and lead a successful and high-performing life.

"If you don’t manage your energy, you will not be able to be a high-performing individual."
David Mansilla

Listen as Kim Ades, President, and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™, and ISU Corp CEO, David Mansilla discuss and explore:


  • How to successfully build a winning virtual team.

  • How to get a lineup of people wanting to join your organization.

  • How to lead through values

  • How to build, maintain, and grow a great company culture

  • How to determine if new hires share your values.

  • How to get stuff done without direct accountability.

  • How to effectively manage your energy and lead a successful and high-performing life.

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David Mansilla is the founder and CEO of ISU Corp, a custom software solutions company that helps entrepreneurs increase their net profits. His company has been granted awards like Company of the Year from Technology Headlines, Top 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch from Silicon Review and the Canadian Business Excellence Award.

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