Success is Not the Key to Happiness, This is..


Your happiness is your success. These days, a booming business is available to anyone, even you. Gary Vaynerchuck, author of crush it!, says not to measure your success by the wealth and grandeur of your business, but to measure it in happiness.

The secret to success is only made up of three simple rules: love your family, work super hard, and live your passion. If you are measuring your success in happiness, that first rule is crucial. Second to that, working hard may be on obvious rule for achievement. However, it is one of those things that are easier said than done. Finally, the key to your true happiness is living your passion: “Are you living, or just earning a living?” (Vaynerchuck, 3). 

We as a society have shifted in the way we do things. With the invention of the Internet, we’ve been flocking towards the web to socialize, shop, find entertainment, and more. This is a gigantic opportunity for businesses to harness and take advantage of. With the global audience that has moved to the Internet, it is clear that businesses, too, must move to the Internet.

Now, personal branding has never been easier, and advertisements are found (these days, personalized advertisements) everywhere in the online world. The Internet is a moneymaking machine just waiting for you to learn how to use it. Using the Internet as a tool will boost the speed of your success, and minimize the money you would need to put in to make it flourish. Keep in mind that, “[these tools] are only as good as the person who uses them” (Vaynerchuck, 12).

You have to have passion and an excellent work ethic to make things happen. If you have the drive, you have the power and everything you need to start making money. However, this isn’t all about the money, this about taking your passion and finding a way for you to live from it. Remember, we’re measuring success in happiness


Written by Natalie Mansilla,
Growth Hacker