The Importance of Social Skills in Our Overall Social Competencies


In our last blog, we had an overview of the different aspects related to Empathy as part of Social Competence; we will now cover aspects related to Social Skills

Social Competence relates to your ability to handle relationships in a positive way, and your ability to get along with other people. Social Skill is a part of your Social Competence personality.  

While Social competence, in general, relates to your ability to handle relationships properly, Social Skills relates to your effectiveness at inducing desirable responses in others.

People who have this competence usually:

  • Have influence
  • Good communication skills
  • Manage conflicts with great success
  • Bring leadership
  • Are catalysts of change
  • Build bonds
  • Collaborate and cooperate
  • Have team capabilities

We’ll be covering each of these eight aspects in details later on.