It Takes an Inspiring Company to Engage your Team Commitment


Commitment is a part of your motivation personality.  
While motivation, in general, is more associated with the emotional tendencies that guide and facilitate the reaching of goals, commitment relates to aligning with your goals or those of a group or organization.

People who have this skill usually:

  • Readily make sacrifices to meet a larger organizational goal; they work for something bigger than themselves.
  • Find a sense of purpose in the larger mission; a trait related to leadership.
  • Use the group's core values to make decisions and clarifying choices.
  • Actively seek out opportunities to fulfill the group's mission

Commitment is emotional, it's a choice; a feeling of attachment to a purpose, to others, to a group or an organization.

Of course, financial benefits do create a level of commitment from an employee to a company; however, in general, people are even more committed to an organization if such organization has a positive culture and an inspiring, well-formulated mission, with clearly stated goals.

We humans need to feel "connected" to a higher purpose in order to be deeply committed. Likewise, in order to connect back to its people, an organization has to make sure that their efforts and decisions are taken into consideration, and rewarded when such decisions create company growth.


We need to become the kind of leaders and team players that inspire and engage in that kind of commitment.